$ 11,000 set of earrings auctioned in support of Kelowna Women’s Shelter – Kelowna News


The Sixth Annual Castanet and Premier Jewelery and Loans Diamond Earring Fundraiser in Support of the Kelowna Women’s Shelter features a flashy set of earrings this year.

Premier Jewelery and Loans director Martin Strasser described this year’s halo design earrings with butterfly backs.

“The center stones are 1.15 carats in total between the pair, VS2, and that’s a crazy diamond quality that you usually find in luxury engagement rings, not so much in earrings. There’s a lot of visual pop, they’re amazing, ”he said.

They are valued at $ 10,700 and auctions start at $ 500. Strasser said the auction not only helped someone bring home a wonderful Christmas present, but also helped women and children in need.

“This fundraiser has a double set of benefits. Anyone who receives the earrings or purchases them will receive a great piece of jewelry, but they support a very important charity. It’s a win-win opportunity since 100 percent of the proceeds help the shelter, ”Strasser said.

The holidays are meant to be a time of celebration and joy, but they aren’t always easy for everyone. Strasser said this fundraising campaign was launched when she brought to her attention how difficult the holiday season is for some.

“Once, in a conversation with someone, it was mentioned that not everyone has a good vacation. The holidays put a lot of pressure on people, and we thought we had to find a way to help people, and that was just the women’s shelter. It makes us happy as a company to support the local people, and the women’s shelter is such a worthy cause, ”said Strasser.

Kelowna Women’s Shelter Development Coordinator Graham Kerr, who recently started in the role, said that during his two months of living in Kelowna, he saw enormous generosity for the shelter from from the community.

“You really have a strong sense of community here. We have people calling us every day to support us and do whatever they can to help at the shelter, whether it’s donating or volunteering. It’s very refreshing to see how eager the people here are to help, ”Kerr said.

Kerr said the fundraising for the diamond earrings was a major boost for the shelter and kept them going with their mission.

“Over the past year or so, we’ve struggled to adapt to the COVID climate, so having the extra funds to meet these challenges provided by Martin is wonderful,” Kerr said.

Those interested in making an offer can view the earrings in person at Premier Jewelery and Loans located at 1980 Bredin Road from Monday December 13 through Monday December 20. To make an offer, click here.