23 minimalist earrings to buy now and wear forever

Chandelier earrings have had a pretty solid run, but sometimes when your outfit is already talking, simple, straightforward jewelry is all you need. Of course, the best minimalist earrings aren’t necessarily straightforward – they can be dainty, sophisticated, and serve as the finishing touch to any look. Plus, understated hoops, sleek structural earrings, and simple studs are so timeless in themselves that they might as well be part of your seasonal capsule wardrobe.

While some designers have made names for their minimalist aesthetic (think: J. Hannah, Jenny Bird, and Bagatiba), others like Agmes, Pattaraphan, and Lizzie Fortunato offer a range of styles that oscillate between bold and carefree. Looking for an overall minimalist look with a bold finish? Try teaming an ear full of hugs in mixed metal with white oversized wide-leg button down pants. Alternatively, make a pair of sculptural earrings the subtle focal point of your outfit by sticking to a monochrome color scheme and then tying your hair back to let it glow quietly.

Coming up, 21 pairs of minimalist earrings to buy now and wear forever.


Hoop of strata of precious stones (white quartz)

These white quartz earrings by J. Hannah exude a two-tone appearance.


Small bubble hoops

Sculptural earrings can also be minimalist.


Gold studs

Bagatiba’s Tab Studs are somewhere between trendy and timeless.


Lucy Williams Chunky Hoop Earrings

A simple hoop is perfect for everyday use.


Baby Lilly rose-gold-plated hoops


Sterling Silver Chain Link Hoop Earrings

Bottega Veneta’s chain link earrings are simple, but will always catch the eye.


Harmony diamond earrings in 18 carat gold

These marquise-cut diamonds were designed to reflect the ebb and flow of sound waves.


14-karat gold diamond earrings

Diamonds and pearls go together like… well, you know.


Studio dangling earrings

These Jenny Bird dangling earrings prove that not all minimalist earrings are simple hoops.


Emerald Cut Bezel Studs

A simple emerald cut diamond earring is timeless.


Spherical earrings

These money stunners are simple, but never boring.


Diamond Connected Droplet Earring

Of course, this climber looks complicated and picky, but you will find it suitable for everyday use.



We love this two-tone idea.


Luna earrings

A pair of thick hoops gives a retro vibe.


Chain link earrings

Paco Rabanne isn’t known for his subtlety, but these chain earrings are the perfect, simple finishing touch to an otherwise sparkling outfit.


Cream Pearl Earrings

Try doubling down by wearing a pair of these beaded hugs in one ear.


Ear cuff embellished with crystals

A tiny cuff embellished with black crystals makes any outfit instantly cool.


Mini bar earring with white diamonds

This mini diamond bar earring was designed to be stacked.


Small Lady Huggie earrings

These little hugs are crafted from 18k vermeil.


Concha earrings

Even if you don’t like bold jewelry, these earrings from Another Feather are proof that you can still have fun with it.


Yellow Gold Meringue Studs

Yes, they are the most adolescent stallions you have ever seen.


Infinity Hoops in clear

Pair these two-tone hoops with a simple blazer and pants look for an office-ready outfit.


Twisted hook earrings

These Pattaraphan twist hook earrings are simple, but definitely unique.

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