5 tips for buying an eternity ring at Diamond Mansion

ByThomas J. Pawlak

Mar 8, 2021

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Gifting diamond jewelry is a timeless way to express your love and appreciation for someone. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, promotion, or other milestone, luxury diamonds always ensure that the occasion is unforgettable.

Of all the jewelry options available, a diamond ring seems to be the most romantic. We associate rings with romance for an obvious reason: engagement rings and wedding rings signify a new marriage, evoking the idea of ​​undying love and a lifelong commitment.

But what if you’re looking for options beyond a simple engagement or wedding ring – options that express your love on that same grand level? Consider an eternity ring.

An eternity ring is a ring made of precious metal and shaped with a line of gemstones (in this case diamonds) that wrap around the entire circumference of the band. Diamonds are generally cut identically.

Traditionally, the endless loop of diamonds on an eternity ring represents infinite love. As such, these rings make the perfect gift to mark a romantic occasion, like a wedding anniversary. However, they’re not limited to just birthdays – eternity rings are great for many other life milestones, like birthdays, promotions, vacations, and more.

If you are looking for a unique and unforgettable gift for your romantic partner, an eternity ring is the answer.

Of course, buying a diamond ring is often a huge undertaking. There are so many factors to consider, such as style, quality, price, and size. The initial decision to buy an eternity ring is only the first step in a long series of choices to be made regarding your purchase.

Please don’t stress – choosing the perfect eternity ring is easy with Diamond Mansion, a diamond retailer that offers high quality designer jewelry at breakthrough prices.

Typically, diamonds pass through several intermediaries throughout the production process, resulting in higher prices for the consumer. Diamond Mansion has cut out the middleman, allowing them to supply diamond jewelry at a fraction of the retail price. They also use all-natural, ethical, high-quality diamonds in all of their jewelry. More importantly, perhaps, they provide unparalleled customer service to all of their customers.

Now, let’s explore these five essential tips for choosing the perfect Diamond Mansion diamond eternity ring. When it comes to buying luxury diamond jewelry at an affordable price, there is no better place to turn.

Explore the multitude of options available to you with Diamond Mansion today!

Manoir Diamant

Tip # 1: Find the Perfect Style for Your Loved One

The first thing to note about eternity rings is that there are several distinctive styles that fall under the category of eternity rings. Each style is unique in its own way.

Selecting a ring style can seem like a daunting task at first, especially if you are considering giving the ring as a gift. Every woman has particular preferences, and finding the perfect ring for her style is often difficult. However, it is not impossible.

In order to make sure that she adores whatever ring you choose, you must first familiarize yourself with all of the sub-categories of eternity rings. Some of these styles are as follows:

  • Round Eternity Rings. This style is a classic: it consists of round cut diamonds that wrap all around the band, in a true eternity ring style. Diamond Mansion offers several gorgeous options in this design. The 6 carat round eternity band and the 4 carat round eternity band are sure to satisfy any woman. She can wear this ring with any outfit, for any occasion.
  • Emerald Eternity Rings. As the name suggests, this style contains emerald cut diamonds, an elongated rectangular shaped stone with cut corners. While round cut diamonds give off a sparkling effect, emerald cut diamonds tend to produce flashes of light. Emerald cut rings, like the 8 Carat Emerald Eternity Band, are bold and elegant. It is another wonderful option for a birthday or anniversary gift for your loved one.
  • Oval Eternity Rings. This design is exactly what it seems: oval shaped diamonds that form a full circle around the band. Check out the 6k Oval Eternity Band for an example of this sophisticated style.
  • Princess Cut Eternity Rings. A princess cut diamond is another unique and elegant style of diamond. These diamonds are in the shape of an inverted pyramid with four sides and a square on top. In an eternity ring, princess cut diamonds are placed side by side, with the sides of each square aligned. The Natural Princess Pave Blue Sapphire Diamond Eternity Ring by Diamond Mansion falls into this category.
  • Unique Eternity Rings. This style encapsulates all the eternity rings that don’t fit neatly into a particular category. This style is perfect for any woman who likes to show off her one-of-a-kind fashion sense. The Round & Marquise Diamond Eternity Band from Diamond Mansion is a prime example of this style.

Finding a ring that matches your partner’s personal style is crucial, and now that you are familiar with the most common eternity ring styles, this task should be a snap.

Whichever style you choose, she is sure to love her Diamond Mansion Eternity Ring, so start looking today.

Second tip: buy from a reliable source to be sure your diamonds are of high quality

Our second tip is one of the most important on this list: make sure your diamonds are of the highest quality possible. Buying diamond jewelry is a big investment and you want to be sure that you are getting the most out of your money.

When you shop at Diamond Mansion, you can be sure that you will be receiving the best of the best. Their diamonds are certified 100% natural by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). In addition, the retailer only sells conflict-free diamonds. No matter what items you purchase, you can be completely confident that you will receive luxury and high quality diamonds.

When it comes to its eternity rings, Diamond Mansion makes sure every diamond in the band is a perfect match. They build each ring from scratch in the size ordered, and they even offer a 30 day return policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your eternity ring, Diamond Mansion will give you a full refund.

Buy from a trusted retailer like Diamond Mansion for reassurance and to make sure your partner loves their gift.

Third tip: select the right ring size

This is the most technical advice we have to offer – make sure you select the right size, width, and metal for the band. It may seem obvious, but even so, it is essential to take it into account.

You want to select her appropriate ring size so that she can start wearing her new eternity ring right away. And, if you’re not quite sure what size it is, fear not. There are many easy ways to measure ring size at home.

One of the easiest ways to determine your partner’s ring size is to use an existing ring, such as their engagement or wedding ring. If she wears one of these rings frequently, you know it would make a perfect fit to measure her height. Try getting your hands on one of her current rings and use a tool like a plastic ring sizer or printable ring sizing chart to solve the mystery.

Even with all the right resources, picking up a ring size can be stressful. Remember, even if you’re wrong, it’s not the end of the world. Diamond Mansion is offering free ring resizing within the first year of purchase!

Manoir Diamant

Tip # 4: match the metal to your partner’s style

This is another simple but essential step to take when purchasing an eternity ring. If your wife or partner already wears an engagement ring, wedding ring, or any other type of ring, be sure to select a metal that matches her pre-existing pieces so that she can wear all of her rings together.

On the other hand, maybe your partner doesn’t wear rings regularly. If so, simply select the metal based on their personal style and preferences. Eternity bracelets are generally available in platinum, rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold.

Finally, don’t forget that Diamond Mansion offers elite customer service options through email, phone, and online chat. If you need a little help choosing a metal, don’t hesitate to contact an expert!

Fifth tip: stick to your budget with Diamond Mansion

Our final tip is not to go over budget. When shopping for the perfect eternity ring, it can be easy to get carried away. Of course, you want to give your partner the best diamond ring the market has to offer, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

Fortunately, when you shop at Diamond Mansion, you will never have to go over budget.

Diamond Mansion offers eternity rings at all price points. Most importantly, they provide luxury jewelry at a fraction of the retail price, which means you’ll always get a good deal.

As you continue your journey to find the perfect eternity ring, we highly recommend that you visit Diamond Mansion. Their wide variety of rings and affordable prices never disappoint.

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