ByThomas J. Pawlak

Dec 24, 2020
Cushion-cut sapphire of 43.10 carats, pear-shaped brilliant-cut diamonds of 8.94, 8.82, 5.35, 5.25, 3.01, 2.03, 2.02 and 1.92 carats, sixty pear-shaped brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.76 to 0.25 carat, platinum, 7 ½ ins., Detachable and can be worn as a crimped brooch with round shiny terminals, 2 ¼ ins. brooch, two fitted navy blue cases for bracelet and brooch, and one fitted navy blue travel case
SSEF, 2020, report no. 113823: 43.107 carats, Cashmere, no indication of heating, ‘ROYAL BLUE’, with special letter concerning the dating of the age specifying that the sapphire has an approximate age of 21 million years and annex letter attesting to the exceptional qualities of this sapphire, in a presentation leather bound case

Gübelin, 2020, report no. 20070021: 43.10 carats, Cashmere, ‘ROYAL BLUE’, no indication of toasting, with information sheet and appendix attesting to the rarity of this sapphire, with a leather-bound presentation booklet which includes a complete history of Kashmir sapphires

AGL, 2020, report no. 1109402: 43.10 carats, Classic cashmere, no gemological evidence of improved warmth or clarity, with a letter attesting to the rare weight and exceptional qualities of this “ROYAL BLUE” sapphire in a portfolio file

4 GIA, 2020-2015: 8.94, 8.82, 5.35 and 5.25 carats, color D, Internally flawless, excellent polish and symmetry, Type IIa
4 GIA, 2020-2011: 3.01, 2.03, 2.02 and 1.92 carats, color D, Internally flawless
49 GIA file, 2020-2018: ranging from 0.76 to 0.30 carat, color D to E, impeccable internal clarity at VS1

Total diamond weight, 67.90 carats

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