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Going through fall as fast as lightning means bigger jewelry – I’m not sure why this seems to be my unspoken rule, but I think it has something to do with heavier clothing and more events on the Red carpet.

As we start to anticipate the September Emmy Awards, I’m smitten with styles like this necklace from Benjamin & Cie., a jewel ready for the event if there is one.

It’s a look that’s just plain sexy, probably because you imagine someone would have to wear a deeply cut top or dress to fit their long line of diamonds. But I really like the idea of ​​this piece draped not against bare skin, but the soft fabric of a favorite t-shirt – the antithesis of what you’d expect, which I think makes it all the more cool. I love to imagine several glitzy choker-length chains, gathered atop this dazzling shape, before giving way to the epic drop of baguette diamonds from this necklace. This imagination makes him less red carpet and more everyday, but who wouldn’t want to wear tons of diamonds every day?

Benjamin and Co baguette diamond necklace
Top and top: 7.6 ct 18k white gold necklace. two baguette diamonds and 0.89 ct. two round diamonds, $ 22,420

Speaking of baguettes, this piece has over 7.5 carats of them, and a few circles round out the sparkling style. What I like most is the arrangement of the chopsticks in the row: some are arranged in the more traditional north-south and others are in the east-west, for a touch of wabi-sabi style that makes this version more visually interesting than your typical, ship-shaped diamond statement piece.

This does not mean that this creation is not precise. The diamonds, all rated VVS1 / F according to the company, are set in 18k white gold which pairs beautifully with the stones. The emerald-shaped links represent the back quarter of the necklace (the part that starts to run behind the neck), meaning someone can access this huge look at a lower price than if it had been done completely in an eternity style frame. At just over $ 22,000 at retail, that may or may not mean something to the customer.

Benjamin & Co., established in 1982, is a Los Angeles-based jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler. The company is a frequent exhibitor of JCK Las Vegas and offers diamond and gemstone jewelry, as well as wedding rings and men’s jewelry.

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