Balenciaga earrings “literally” look like laces

ByThomas J. Pawlak

Aug 18, 2022

Even high fashion snobs can’t get behind Balenciaga’s $250 lace-up earrings.

After the “Trash Pouch”, is it any wonder that the luxury fashion brand is trolling us again? Even Highsnobiety can’t stand Balenciaga’s antics anymore, calling the earrings “literally just shoelaces” and adding that “every once in a while something lands on our desk that’s just too dumb to lie about” on Instagram.

The earrings are tied laces with clasps glued on them. According to Matches Fashion, “Balenciaga’s black bow earrings are crafted from laces, highlighting Demna’s ability to incorporate everyday objects into the house’s jewelry collections.”

While that may be true, it’s hard to understand why something that requires little effort or manufacturing cost has such a high price tag. But then the brand has been known to charge $110 for a reusable coffee mug and $650 for metal coasters.

“Balenciaga is a social experiment,” wrote one user.

“Isn’t that their philosophy or their mission statement??? What are people going to buy because someone said it was cool?” another commented.

“I would charge more if I was them lmao,” someone added.

“THANK YOU for calling this. Sometimes we need people in the industry to remind others of humanity,” one person said.

“Balenciaga is trolling at this point,” one Instagram user replied.

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