Balenciaga is called out for the price of lace-up earrings for $250

ByThomas J. Pawlak

Aug 19, 2022

Would you wear laces as earrings? Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga has introduced new earrings to the market that are literally shoelaces tied in an arch. Earrings have been shunned not only by the masses, but even by snobs and high fashion websites.

Most can’t stomach the price of earrings. The fashion brand priced the lace earrings at $250. Earrings are literally shoe laces glued to the back of earrings.

Highsnobssociety, something of an Instagram fashion watchdog, shared an image of the new earrings and wrote, “Every once in a while something lands on our desk that’s just too dumb to lie about. “

“It doesn’t matter if MATCHESFASHION describes them as an example of ‘Demna’s ability to incorporate everyday objects into the house’s jewelry collections,’ they are simply shoelaces with earrings glued to them.”

Several fans on social media were quick to call out the brand for its quirky fashion sense.

“Balenciaga is a social experiment,” wrote one user. “Isn’t that their philosophy or their mission statement??? What will people buy because someone said it was cool?” another commented
“I would charge more if I was them lmao,” someone added.

“THANK YOU for calling this. Sometimes we need people in the industry to remind others of humanity,” one person said.

“Balenciaga is trolling at this point,” one Instagram user replied.

This isn’t the first time Balenciaga has made headlines for its eccentric fashion. The brand previously charged $110 for a reusable coffee mug and $650 for metal coasters. Earlier this year, the brand was also called out for the price of Trash Bag pouches for a whopping $1,790.

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After facing some serious backlash over its new lace-up earrings, the brand has reportedly finally decided to drop them from its recent collection, although there has been no official statement on the matter until now. ‘now.