Balenciaga launches earrings that look like shoelaces

ByThomas J. Pawlak

Sep 9, 2022

“There comes a time when you write about fashion where you find that some things are just a little too ridiculous to be taken seriously… That being said, every once in a while something lands on our desk which is just too dumb to let a lie, the latest of which, of course, comes from @balenciaga, who dropped a pair of black lace-up earrings, costing you a total of $261,” Highsnobsociety said. in his Instagram post.

The new Balenciaga earrings elicited different reactions from Internet users. “Balenciaga is selling these lace up earrings for $261 which equals PKR 57,377.74, these earrings are literally made of laces. How far would these top brands go in the name of ‘fashion’ At the loss of words,” said one social media user. tweeted.

“Balenciaga is launching 195lb (Php13k) lace earrings, and here I’m worried about charging 100lb (Php7k) for a bespoke dress,” another user joked.

“Balenciaga has the dumbest inventions in fashion. Who Tf is going to wear a lace up earring,” one user tweeted. Earlier this month, Balenciaga came under online criticism for launching a trash bag worth 1,800 USD (about 1,42,652 rupees). The brand said it comes in four colors (and color combinations) – black, white and red, blue and black, and yellow and black.