Balenciaga: shoes, earrings after a new surprise! A packet of crisps went viral at Fashion WeekNews WAALI

ByThomas J. Pawlak

Oct 8, 2022

For those who love fashion, the name Balenciaga is not new. Balenciaga, the luxury fashion brand of clothing, footwear and accessories, has partnered with Chips Company. This year, ransacked sneakers, shoes with ears or garbage bags have not only reacted in the world of the net, but also in fashion. Balenciaga is a fashion brand whose unique designs go viral the moment they come out. The luxury brand also made its mark during Spanish Fashion Week. But this time with a new surprise. Recently, the company partnered with American chip company Lay’s. This fashion brand is hitting the shelves with a new style of bag in the shape of a bag of chips.

At the moment, the famous and popular fashion week is in full swing in Paris. This is where the new surprises from the luxury brand are presented. The most eye-catching of them is a yellow and blue chips. The fancy and new bag is said to be part of Spanish luxury brand Balenciaga’s Summer 22 collection.

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On the ramp, the bag looks exactly like a packet of Lee’s crisps. Anyone can catch if the hook is left somewhere. It may look like a new packet of crisps. But you can take it however you want. This bag is as light as a bag of crisps. The bag can be folded as desired. There is also a zipper. The bag also bears the American Chips Company logo and the brand name below the logo. Balenciaga Creative Director Demila Gosalia shared photos of the new collection on her official Instagram profile.

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As the bag went viral from the Fashion Week scene after the collection was revealed, many expressed dismay. Many people expressed interest, but more expressed hope. One wrote: “A few years ago I saw such a bag on Ali Express! Another person wrote: ‘Can you fill a bag with crisps? Because I’m tired. I want to support you against.