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Make a big impression with diamond earrings, breathtaking flashy rings and stylish bracelets on the seasonal party circuit

IIt’s true what they say: a beautiful piece of jewelry can make someone shine in the dullest or most gloomy places. There is no doubt that a truly stunning piece of jewelry has the effortless ability to help its wearer outshine everyone in a room. Let it be a necklace that sparkles enticingly on a woman’s low-cut or a pair of shiny earrings that catch people’s eyes when flashing in the light.

As we enter the most social time of the year, when the overwhelming number of parties come and go before we all find ourselves on the brink of Christmas, our appearance and what we wear become important. This holiday season, take inspiration from the Mappin & Webb jewelry line and end the year in exquisite and unique style.

It’s all in the details

When you have decided that the studs are too discreet and the pendants are incompatible with your hairstyle, hoop earrings are the solution. Versatile and able to accompany the wearer day and night, Mappin & Webb’s Violetta small hoop earrings in white gold – each 10mm in diameter – are distinguished by their 0.16-carat diamond weight and striking 18-karat white gold setting. £ 850

Out of the ordinary

There is something very special about Messika Move Classic Bracelet Paved with Diamonds. It’s not just that this delicate, handmade 18k white gold bangle has 0.45 carat diamonds, or that it’s an instantly interesting piece of jewelry. But it’s the three moving diamonds at the center of this unique piece that give it an edge and set it apart from any other bracelet this season. £ 4,080

Breathtaking shine

While you grab a glass of champagne, wrap your neck in a warm stole or shake hands with guests and cohorts, let your Empress ring in 18k white gold with 0.95ctw diamonds catch the flashes of light and attract attention. Contemporary in design, this ring is from the Empress signature collection – which was inspired by a bespoke Mappin & Webb design presented to the Queen of Siam – and will make your guests talk and your fingers shine. £ 3,750

The statement necklace

As with all Roberto Coin jewelry designs, there is a ruby ​​hidden somewhere inside the coin. This special little hidden feature is meant to promote a healthy and long life for the wearer. But the Princess Flower Necklace Roberto Coin, which features an 18k yellow gold chain and the gorgeous flower-shaped pendant, doesn’t try to hide its beauty like its ruby, and for that reason, it’s the perfect necklace to boast of on her chest and to wear with pride this Christmas. £ 680

Oscillating diamonds

Dangling earrings are elegant and naturally sashay with the hair and peek at the right time to boast of their inherent sparkle. This pair of carriage earrings from the Mappin & Webb Empress collection are adorned with 0.88 ctw round brilliant-cut diamonds, set in 18k white gold. £ 3,750

Gifts that last

If you want to make someone happy this Christmas, nothing says love like diamonds. Mappin & Webb offers a range of truly unique engagement rings, striking gems and timeless classics – gifts that will be cherished for years to come. To find the one they dreamed of or design your own, visit


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