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ByThomas J. Pawlak

Mar 22, 2022

There is no doubt, travel is back. People pack up, go out and party. Two years ago, a year ago, even several months ago, today’s Britt’s Pick could have had a different vibe: a tribute to distant places that we can only dream of. But today, let it be an ode to return, a celebration of exploration. And the piece – the earrings from GFG Jewelery – seems truly worthy of a celebration.

Nicknamed Gondola, the inspiration for the earrings comes from precisely this source: those iconic and romantic boats most often associated with Venice, Italy.

“Artisia earrings are inspired by different art forms that have inspired my memories of travels over the years,” says designer Nilufer Kizilkaya, who created the collection to which the earrings belong. “The Gondola earrings were specially inspired by the gondolas of Venice.”

The boat-like shapes that hang from the second tier of the earrings definitely showcase this channel style, right down to the gemstone passengers – one earring slightly different from the other.

“I placed the gemstones in a specifically asymmetrical way because I think anything that’s not exactly symmetrical has an equally soothing effect,” says Kizilkaya. “It gives a sense of curiosity – the effect of the unexpected always catches the eye.”

If one were to take inspiration at face value, I see a pear-shaped couple snuggled up for a romantic ride through the Italian canals in a boat; the other, a parent sitting back as their child watches from the end of the gondola, enthusiastically showing off their colorful views.

Without the backstory, the earrings are just as splendid: a very wearable geometric display of color, with its vivid emeralds (May is approaching, so birthstone seekers, take note!) and the brown diamond earthy.

Top: gondola earrings in 18k yellow gold of 4.77 cts. tw Zambian emeralds and 0.16 ct. two fancy color diamonds, $8,275; GFG Jewelry

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