Harry’s lavish gifts to Meghan Markle – Diana’s jewelry and necklace that caused the royal row


One of the advantages of marrying a prince? Pretty fancy gifts. Prince Harry has given Meghan Markle a selection of lavish gifts over the years, including jewelry and artwork

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Meghan Markle 40th Birthday: A Look At Her Style Transformation

Meghan Markle celebrates her 40th birthday today, and we are sure Prince Harry, Archie and Lilibet will make this historic occasion one to remember.

The Duchess of Sussex will be spending the day in the United States, with her royal in-laws sending their best wishes across the pond.

Although she officially left the royal family last year, she is still married to a prince, which means she can probably give some pretty fancy gifts.

Over the years, Harry has spent huge sums of money on gifts for her, as well as sentimental pieces, including jewelry that belonged to his late mum, Princess Diana.

We have had a return to some of the dearest and dearest gifts Harry has given Meghan during their relationship.

Harry has given Meghan amazing gifts since their first date


Ian Vogler / Daily Mirror)

Some are very chic, while others are more sentimental


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Romantic Date Gifts

Harry reportedly showered his actress girlfriend with romantic gifts early in their relationship.

Among them was a Cartier Love bracelet, which she wore for several royal engagements.

He also reportedly spent thousands of dollars on a Van Donna painting, titled Everyone Needs Someone to Love.

H&M necklace that caused the royal dispute

When things started to get really serious, Harry gave Meghan a Maya Brenner necklace with the letters M and H.

She clearly loved the coin and was spotted wearing it for days in London, but the $ 300 14k gold chain ended up causing an argument with the royal assistants and ended up receiving an uncomfortable call from the Kensington Palace.

The necklace caused royal drama


Splash News)

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In their Finding Freedom biography, authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand claim that an aide advised Meghan not to wear this kind of jewelry, saying it would only encourage the press.

They write: “He was told that wearing such a collar only served to encourage photographers to keep looking for such images – and new titles.”

They claim Meghan was upset by the call, saying she “said very little ‘on the phone”, instead of “choosing to just listen to the lawyer”.

They write: “But after hanging up, she felt frustrated and emotional.

“While she knew the assistant had good intentions, the surreal experience of having someone from her boyfriend’s office tell her what kind of jewelry to wear or not smile at a photographer was too much.”

They said she felt “helpless” and “damned if she had, and damned if she hadn’t.”

Meghan reportedly discussed the incident with a friend, saying: ‘I can’t win. They claim I’m to blame for these photos, that it looks like I’m cheering them on, that I even admit the cameras aren’t maybe not sending the correct message.

“I don’t know what to say. It was only yesterday that netizens said I looked miserable in the photos, because I was trying to ignore the [photographer]. “

Engagement and eternity rings

Perhaps Harry’s most documented gift is the engagement ring he placed on his finger when he asked the question in 2017.

He knelt down as they cooked dinner in their cottage in Kenginston Palace, presenting a ring with three massive diamonds.

Meghan Markle is pictured wearing the engagement ring on a visit to Birmingham


Samir Hussein / WireImage)

Harry designed the ring himself, showing it off during their engagement interview in November 2017


AFP / Getty Images)

Two of the diamonds were from the collection of his mother, Princess Diana, and one from Botswana, where he does a lot of charitable work.

The jewelry was originally based on a solid gold bracelet, but Meghan later changed it to a brighter and much thinner micropaved bracelet.

On their first wedding anniversary in May 2019, Harry gave Meghan another ring – an eternity band.

The gorgeous piece is covered in diamonds, sitting next to her engagement and wedding rings.

Car inspired by their favorite movie

According to the Daily Star, Harry gave Meghan a new car for her 36th birthday.

He reportedly spent £ 31,000 on a Mini Cooper, based on the 2003 film The Italian Job.

A source told the newspaper: “Harry is convinced this is a great gift for Meg. She will be able to tour London while remaining fairly anonymous.

“Harry says he will have to teach him how to use a gear lever. He has his advanced reconnaissance driving skills from his time in the military so he can teach him a thing or two. But if his abilities are at stake. Italian labor standards remain to be seen. “

Diana’s Aquamarine Ring

As Meghan and Harry headed to the evening celebrations on their wedding day, the new Duchess showed off her latest gift from her husband.

Meghan wears aquamarine ring that once belonged to Princess Diana



She wore the exquisite emerald-cut aquamarine ring of the late princess on her right hand.

It was believed to be a wedding dress gift from Harry, and it perfectly complimented his evening wedding dress.

For the private party, Meghan wore a bespoke high neck white dress in silk crepe designed by Stella McCartney. Her shoes were from Aquazurra and made of silky satin, with a nude mesh.

Diana has worn the ring to several royal events


British press via Getty Images)

Meghan paired it with her gorgeous evening dress


AFP / Getty Images)

Archie framed photos

When Meghan turned 38, Harry opted for a sentimental gift – a framed photo of baby Archie.

A source told The Sun: “This year there will be a birthday present from Archie and chances are in a sepia or black and white photograph of his precious son in a solid silver frame from Aspreys.

“The precious gift will probably have an engraving chosen by Harry which will make it even more special.

“And Harry has a soft spot for designing jewelry for Meghan, so the royal is expected to design another gorgeous piece – likely earrings – as a surprise from Sussex.”


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