Huggie Hoop Earrings are great for face masks and travel

ByThomas J. Pawlak

Feb 1, 2022

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Before the pandemic, I changed my earrings like I changed my clothes. I didn’t have a signature jewelry look, but I loved anything big and garish — the more it looked like one of Liberace’s capes, the better. My favorite pair of earrings were 3 inch hammered silver earrings with colored Swarovski crystals that were where 80s Madonna meets Sicilian Catholic art. But our age of mask-wearing has rendered these earrings essentially obsolete. The few times I’ve tried wearing these earrings with a mask, I’ve seen my life flash before my eyes wondering if I’m going to accidentally choke.

I had no choice but to adjust my earrings wardrobe. I’ve tried many different styles, including classic cleats, but where form meets function is huggie hoops. Huggie hoops are, as the name suggests, hoops so small they hug your earlobe. Due to their size, these hoops always look dainty and elegant, but my favorites are also incredibly fun and a little kitschy.

There are several reasons why I crowned huggie hoops, and in particular those from Studs, the earring of the COVID era. Regularly, I travel the world with my glasses and a mask and sometimes wired headphones. There are so many things that can, and have, gotten stuck or tangled. Even with a simple earring, my mask would find ways to slip through the cracks. Yet I have never experienced this once with the full loop of a huggie hoop. I also appreciated a newfound ease and comfort with the huggie hoops – I can wear them for days or even weeks without having to take them off, which also makes them the only piece of jewelry I really feel comfortable in. ‘easy.

Like I said, Studs daisies are my current obsession, but I’ve included a few other options below. You and your earlobes can thank me later.