Kate Middleton stops wearing engagement ring and eternity ring in new photos


Kate Middleton has stopped wearing both her eternity ring and her engagement ring in recent days – with eagle-eyed royal commentators noting the dramatic change.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s gigantic sapphire ring was once owned by Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, and is usually seen on her left ring finger.

Estimated at £ 300,000, the must-have ring features dozens of sparkling diamonds encircling the deep blue gem nestled in the middle.

It is believed that the absence of the rings could be explained by hygiene concerns, with the coronavirus pandemic already affecting the royal family following Prince Charles’ test positive for the virus.

Kate Middleton was pictured without her engagement and eternity rings

Royal commentators Zoe Burrell and Angela Mollard discussed new photos of Kate working from home and visiting ambulances – which were recently uploaded to her and William’s @kensingtonroyal Instagram account.

“Kate was not wearing her engagement ring in the photo,” Zoe noted.

Angela says, “That’s right and there is a reason for it. Those two occasions, the ambulance visit and working from home.

“You can’t imagine she’ll be wearing this ring all the time. It’s a massive ring that sapphire engagement ring that was of course Princess Diana’s.”

Kate Middleton inherited the famous sapphire and diamond sparkler from Princess Diana

The other missing ring is Kate’s white gold eternity ring – but her wedding ring is still in the spotlight, Angela notes.

“She doesn’t wear it because, of course, rings are difficult when you wash your hands regularly,” she explains.

The royal commentator adds: “In fact, studies show bacteria get stuck in rings. I imagine that’s the reason she doesn’t wear them, whether it’s the sapphire engagement ring or her ring. of eternity in white gold.

“It’s just the very simple Welsh gold wedding ring at the moment, very reasonable.”

Meanwhile, other bewildered fans pointed out that, in the same posed photo, right-hander Kate was holding a pen in the wrong hand.

And Prince William is said to have “seriously considered” resuming his job as an air ambulance pilot.


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