Magic Earrings | The Guardian Nigeria News

ByThomas J. Pawlak

Oct 15, 2022

Have you ever wondered why those pairs of gorgeous and very expensive luxury earrings worn on those gorgeous outfits don’t look right on you?

This is because a number of people assume that their outfit should determine the type of earrings they wear. Some women even have the idea that their hairstyle should determine the earrings they wear.

Although these notions are not completely misplaced, they are not the main consideration in choosing a suitable pair of earrings. What then? The shape of your face!

The main function of earrings is to show off your face perfectly, and due to the fact that humans are created with different face shapes, a pair of earrings that works for someone with a oval face may not work for a round face shape.

Types of face shape
There are five basic human face shapes:

. Oval face shape
. Round face shape
. square face shape
. Diamond face shape
. heart face shape

It wouldn’t be out of place to take another look in the mirror to confirm your face shape, as it would help you get a suitable set of earrings in the future.

Oval face – This is sculpted with high foreheads and overall taut facial features. Interestingly, this face shape allows you to wear a variety of earrings, except for those that are too long and dangling, as this can elongate the already long face shape. Keeping it short and simple would give your face the perfect look.

Round face – It’s self-descriptive – simply round, and the perfect earrings are drop earrings, large stud earrings, angled earrings, and square earrings. These types of earrings would keep your face briefly intact and beautiful without widening it further like circular earrings would.

Square face – This shape comes with a bold jawline all the way to the cheekbones and chin with little to no curves. It is a mixture of wide and long, which makes it necessary to choose appropriate earrings that will not mislead your beauty like those with sharp edges. Opt instead for slip-on earrings, long drops with rounded patterns.

Diamond face – This comes with a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones that are high, and a small chin, so you don’t want long or dangling earrings. Pearls, small earrings and small hoops are your best bets. This establishes balance and perfects the beautiful shape of your face.

Heart Face – This shape is similar to a round face but comes with a fuller and wider forehead. Then the face becomes more inclined towards the chin, ending in a point. Long hoop earrings designs will perfectly showcase the jawline.