Mer’s Dear Summer earrings – JCK

ByThomas J. Pawlak

May 3, 2022

What does the start of summer look like? A barbecue with food sizzling on the grill. A quiet chat with friends on the porch with cold lemonade or a cocktail. Kids run through sprinklers on the lawn or splash in the neighborhood pool. A county fair, with unwinnable carnival games and vintage rides.

This pair of earrings from Turkish brand Mer is called Dear Summer seems remarkably appropriate – I thought they were reminiscent of summer before I even learned their name. One look and I was instantly transported to warm days spent playing in the backyard and traveling to my local amusement park with friends – all the feelings of those carefree times are packed into this pair.

Rainbow-colored bulbs climb the arches of these gold-plated hoop earrings, the flashing, colorful lights of a Ferris wheel. We can practically hear the cries of joy of the imaginary passengers, and in the background, the music of an old-fashioned carousel.

Look through another lens and you’ve got a wheel of water balloons, the kind of carnival game where you throw darts at them in hopes they’ll pop (and even when hit, they never seem the TO DO) .

Rainbow styles remain staunchly popular year after year, and these earrings should be no exception. Imagine their eye-catching impact when paired with any classic summer ensemble, from denim cut-offs to a cute little black dress. And it’s a pair that seems just right for the beach, as long as you’re careful not to dunk them in the ocean.

I’ve been ready for summer since the start of the year, but the sight of this pair has me craving the season’s nostalgia more than ever. And with hoop earrings once again taking shape to be huge this season, you really can’t go wrong with this cheerful pair at an accessible price.

Top: Dear Summer earrings in 24k gold-plated sterling silver with enamel, $266; sea’s

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