Piece of the week: Nebula earrings by Karma El Khalil

ByThomas J. Pawlak

Apr 29, 2022
You will find all of Karma El Khalil’s design signatures in her new collection, “Conversations with the Moon”. Big boulders, lots of color and sharp geometry are all represented in the designer’s latest offerings.

True to El Khalil’s aesthetic, several new pieces also possess a new festive energy.

These “Piece of the Week” jewels are the chandelier earrings of dreams, a key piece to wear for weddings, galas or evenings.

When designing the “Nebula” earrings, El Khalil had an even bigger inspiration in mind, referencing stars and nebulae, the colorful clouds of gas and dust in the night sky.

“I love the contrast between the soft opalescent cosmic clouds and the bright starlights streaming through them,” she said.

“In this design, the aquamarine triangles represent the bright light extending outward from the stars, and the different hues of oval, shiny apatite represent the spherical multicolored nebula.”

Crafted in 18k yellow gold, the Nebula earrings feature varying shades of oval and round cut apatite (7.18 carats) and ultra-lightweight trillion cut aquamarines (25.3 carats).

Their inspiration may be the night sky, but the visually pleasing turquoise spectrum of the gems is reminiscent of Caribbean waters.

They are available on the designer’s website for $11,000.

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