Queen Elizabeth II: Monarch wears his favorite necklace but no brooch for his last appearance

ByThomas J. Pawlak

May 10, 2021


Queen Elizabeth chatted with members of the association via a video link as the monarch sat in his usual wooden chair. Some fans noticed that the monarch did not add a brooch to her outfit today, which is unusual for Her Majesty.

Another wrote: “She looks so happy today I’m so happy.”

“Any color suits him, doesn’t it,” tweeted a third.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Georgia Michalopoulou, Your Fashion Lounge’s personal stylist, explained: “The Queen is known to send messages through her clothing choices as she did with her brooch choice there. days ago at Prince Phillip’s funeral where she wore a brooch she wore on their honeymoon.

“On this occasion, it seems like a more practical choice as she was wearing a simple shirt and a big brooch would make the look too ‘busy’ for a video call. And would probably ruin the shirt! I believe this time she wanted to project a casual and more relaxed look hence the absence of a brooch.

For jewelry, the monarch opted for her favorite earrings and three-strand pearl necklace.

They have been worn by the Queen so many times over the years that they are now considered part of her uniform.

“The Queen has favored pearls since her wedding day to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in November 1947, when she wore two very special strings.

“These wedding gifts from her mother and father had a unique provenance; one had belonged to the last monarch Stuart, Queen Anne, and the other to Queen Caroline, wife of King George II.

“The royal wedding started a fashion for short single or double pearl chains, and while before ‘grandmother’s pearls’ were largely the preserve of the rich and powerful, ‘real’ pearls of imitation and culture have made the style accessible to everyone.

“As fashions have changed, the Queen has retained her own style and continues the tradition of wearing pearls every day like her mother and grandmother did before her.”

However, the Queen also went to take a look without one of her brooches today.

The Monarch has a huge collection of brooches and almost always adds one to her outfits, even when chatting by video link.

Speaking to Twitter, one person wrote: ‘Pity not to see her wearing brooches today. “

Another replied, “Maybe it’s placed lower and cut off due to the angle of the camera.”

Another royal fan said: “She went for a casual outfit, she didn’t need any jewelry.”