Review the best luxury earrings sold online for 2021


Shoulders grazing, hugging lobes, or daringly asymmetrical, we’re sharing our pick of the season’s most exciting earrings that will elevate any outing to a red carpet occasion. These high value earrings are signed by some of the most prestigious names in the world of fine jewelry and were chosen for their originality, their exquisite workmanship, the quality of the precious stones and above all, their ability to turn heads. .

The iconic Bulgari Serpenti is reinterpreted with piercing malachite eyes in these daring glamorous diamond stud earrings.

Bold animal themed earrings

Animals are an eternal theme for jewelry and Bulgari and Boucheron do not hesitate to break convention. The Bulgari Serpenti (above) finds a new stylish elegance with piercing malachite eyes to watch over you. Boucheron, the jeweler of Place Vendôme, has long been inspired by the majesty of the peacock and these Peacock feather earrings Capture the rippling movement of the bird’s feathers in this highly articulated gold and diamond design that’s just what it takes to strut around in style.

Earrings by Lorraine Schwartz

Cut from trendy blackened gold, these earrings by Lorraine Schwartz are set with diamonds and emeralds. Lorraine Schwartz jewelry is seen often on the red carpet and is sure to make you feel like a star.

The most beautiful flower earrings

Jewelry designers continue to surprise us with dazzling and precious flowers that will never fade. Emerald buds spring from leaves set with diamonds The sparkling pair that hugs Lorraine Schwartz’s ears (above). Schwartz is an American jeweler popular with celebrities seeking her independent approach to glamor. Bina goenka, the ultra high-end jeweler, brings a contemporary look to traditional Indian jewelry as evidenced by these ruby ​​and emerald flowers. Lightweight titanium is used more and more to allow earrings to be feather light while still having oomph, as evidenced by the emerald floral studs from Saboo jewelry.

Fantina earrings by Pomellato

Creoles reinvented by Pomellato with these organically shaped earrings with equestrian airs. Showing an elegant subtlety typical of Pomellato, the diamonds inside the hoop curve.

Classic earrings revisited

Even the most beloved classics can benefit from a redesign, as evidenced by Pomellato’s fresh take on the hoop. The almost melting organic form of Fantina earrings (above) adds a contemporary twist to this jewelry box staple. Chandelier style earrings are one of the most flattering pieces of jewelry that light up the face when set with copious amounts of premium diamonds. Bond Street jeweler David Morris offers the dazzling Borée earrings with nearly 13.5 carats of yellow and white diamonds for total and unabashed opulence. Based in Geneva Nadia Morgenthaler plays with the idea of ​​chandelier earrings by literally creating miniature lights for the ears. Charming and delicate, Morgenthaler skillfully fuses old-fashioned jewelry making skills with a contemporary lightness of touch. And who doesn’t love a pair of lobe earrings? Lorraine Schwartz managed to crimp over 75 carats of orange and yellow sapphires into a pair of sun-burst earrings that we couldn’t leave out in this range.

Jade earrings by Fernando Jorge

Green is all the rage again in 2021 and what better example of the pursuit of hope than these cheerful tourmaline, jade and diamond stud earrings by Fernando Jorge.

The best contemporary style earrings

High value doesn’t have to go out of fashion and we are seeing an increase in bold designs from designers intimidated by working with high value gems. Kimberly mcdonald explores the eerie beauty of the spiky crystals that grow inside the geodes and surround them with an irregular frame of diamonds and sapphires for an organic and otherworldly view of luxury. With the confidence of his highly successful fashion career under his belt, fashion designer Prabal Gurung is also head of design at the Japanese jeweler. Tasaki. Gurung brings an avant-garde and flawless philosophy to the creation of jewelry such as 10 centimeter long white gold and swirling pearl marvels worthy of the catwalks. Since arriving in London from his native land, Fernando Jorge injected a dose of Brazilian sensuality into her jewel with sinuous curves and enticing volumes. The combination of rocket jade and diamonds (above) gives these revered materials a new look. Lab-grown diamonds are here to stay and a bold designer Sophie Bille Brahe is working with California-based Diamond Foundry to create a collection for London’s trendy Dover Street Market.

Choose one of these designs and you are sure to have a pair of earrings that will make you look your best. All are available for purchase online, so get ready to click and dazzle.


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