Sophisticated earrings by Nana Fink – JCK

ByThomas J. Pawlak

Dec 21, 2021

It’s the last Britt’s Pick of the year, and it has to go to a pair of earrings.

Earrings are the perfect gift: they always fit, even if our clothes don’t. They always get noticed on Zoom calls, and they even distract from third (or fourth) day hair.

I could go almost an entire year without changing my earrings. The group I’m currently carrying is organized significantly, and it’s a nice permanent exhibit (it also helps that in two years I haven’t had many places to go that would influence a change much). But there’s something about the holidays, when a pair of dangling earrings only adds to the festivities.

You can’t go wrong with the look either. You can make large or small hoops (or a bunch of varying sizes!), chandelier earrings dripping with gemstones, pavé diamond drops, whatever you think best suits the occasion.

This year I feel this pair of Nana Fink. With their rich berry blossoms – a burst of color from sculpted rubies – and denim-colored sapphires, they offer a holiday style that looks a bit like a classic Christmas movie animated in Technicolor.

There’s a vintage appeal to this elegant pair – Fink excels in their antique-style jewelry craftsmanship – and their sheer luxury Is it that feel better suited to more formal attire. But that’s not to say a casual ensemble would suffer under their wear – rather, earrings would enhance even comfy flannel pajamas (and those earrings paired with matching family sleepwear would be absolutely everything this day. holiday).

Handcrafted in heavenly Switzerland (ah, to be back there), Nana Fink’s designs are family heirlooms, making them just the thing for an extravagant holiday gift (or anytime , really).

Top: Sophisticated 18k rose gold earrings with rubies and sapphires, $16,000; Nana Fink

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