Supernova amethyst earrings by Vram – JCK

ByThomas J. Pawlak

Feb 8, 2022

Los Angeles-based Vram knows all about jewelry. You could say that of many designer brands, but it’s a feeling you get immediately to have when you see Vram’s work.

The sculptural, often celestial pieces of designer Vram Minassian are a memorable destination for any gemstone. In this epic style – earrings dubbed Supernova – a pair of amethysts travel through space. Well, sort of.

Do you know what a supernova is? I fell down a rabbit hole on the NASA website (OK, fine, the NASA website for kids), reading about them. But the vital line is this: a supernova is the biggest explosion humans have ever seen. The events are so bright that they can eclipse entire galaxies for a time, days or even months. And they can be seen across the universe.

Not a bad nickname for this pair of earrings, is it? Well, other than the whole exploding part.

In fact, it’s the explosion that’s so beautifully demonstrated in Vram’s one-of-a-kind pair, crafted in 18k yellow gold as eight pointed rays explode from the center, each topped with a sparkling bezel-set diamond. .

It’s as if the amethyst had made its entrance, like a pop star exploding on stage. The fireworks go off and – presto! – they are there. Beautifully purple with an intriguing octagonal cut and bezel setting, the February birthstone has never looked better. The gemstones are placed upside down, which allows us to see through the stone, a new perspective. It’s not often that a jeweler puts an Asscher cut gemstone upside down, but it’s a choice that makes earrings all the more intriguing.

The whole thing says, “BAM! Look at my amethyst earrings. And we listen, because, I mean, how could you miss them?

Top: Supernova unique clip earrings in 9.81 ct 18k yellow gold. tw Asscher-cut amethysts, price on request

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