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Which emerald earrings are the best?

It is the birthstone of the month for May, but emerald is a timeless and beautiful gemstone that makes a great earring anytime of the year. If you are looking for a minimalist earring that also dazzles, then the Amazon Collection Genuine Sterling Silver Cushion Cut Checkerboard Earrings is the first choice. But there are other color rich emerald earrings for you to consider suitable for a variety of occasions which also showcase the beauty of the emerald stone.

What to know before buying an emerald earring


Sensitivity to metals can affect the comfort of an earring. Sensitivity to metals causes discoloration of the skin, and sensitive earlobes may also itch from an associated rash. Alloys such as nickel can cause allergic reactions. Beware of a plated earring if it is sensitive to metals, as the top layer will eventually flake off and expose your skin to nickel or other metals that can cause irritation.


Check the manufacturer’s warranty before purchasing a luxury emerald earring. If a stone comes loose or flakes or if the metal frame comes loose, a warranty will come in handy. Jewelers can repair broken earrings, but the cost of repairs can be prohibitive.


Emerald means “green” in Greek and is derived from the word “smaragdus”. Emerald is also the birthstone for the month of May. Some consider emeralds a symbol of rebirth, and believe that the stone gives its owner youth, good fortune and forethought.


An emerald is an ideal gift for various occasions, especially for those born in May. When purchasing emerald earrings as a gift, find out if they come with a gift box or consider including a jewelry box to complete your purchase of earrings.

What to look for in a quality emerald earring

To cut

Emerald earring stones are cut into a variety of shapes. Common cuts of emerald stones for earrings include:

  • Cushion-cut emeralds, which are square-shaped with cut corners.
  • Round cut emeralds, which are the most popular cuts for earrings. Variations of a round emerald include oval, octagon, and pear.
  • Emerald cut emeralds, which are sometimes referred to as square emerald cut due to their elongated shape. This cut was originally created for emeralds because it accentuates the clarity of an emerald stone. Today, the emerald cut is used for a variety of stones, including diamonds.
  • Princess cut emeralds, which have a square shape with uncut edges. This allows light to shine through the stone for enhanced shine.

Often times, emeralds are cut deeper or shallower to showcase the color of the emerald. Cutting an emerald to showcase the color can affect the carat weight, although the length and width of the shape are the same.


Emeralds are measured in millimeters from length to width, rather than being measured in carats, like diamonds. Whenever a manufacturer notes an emerald size in terms of carats, this is considered an approximation. An emerald may appear slightly smaller than a diamond of the same carat weight due to this difference in measurement.


True emeralds are created when natural elements combine in the earth’s crust. The elements chromium, vanadium and iron combine in this process and give emeralds their green coloring. True emeralds are identified by their inclusions: lines, bumps, and cuts that were created from the movement of the Earth. The inclusions give each true emerald a distinct identity of its own. However, some view inclusions as a flaw and find that they distract from the clarity and beauty of an emerald.

Created in the laboratory

Sometimes referred to as a lab-made or cultivated emerald, a lab-created emerald is identical to natural emeralds in terms of chemical composition. Lab-created emeralds lack inclusions and therefore are more desirable for those who view inclusions as a flaw. The color and saturation of lab-created emeralds vary and affect the price. A lab-created emerald is considered a “real” emerald, but not a genuine emerald, as it does not occur in nature.

How much you can expect to spend on emerald earrings

Emerald earrings typically range between $ 40 and $ 2,500 depending on the setting and size, color and clarity of the emerald.

Emerald earrings faq

What is the best earring holder?

A. The most common type of earring holder is known as the butterfly back, due to its shape. It is a small piece of metal that slides along the post of the earring and locks the earring in place to prevent it from falling. Many find this earring holder more comfortable than hooks or dangling earrings because they are less prone to pulling on the earlobe.

What is the best setting for emerald earrings?

A. The most common earring setting for an emerald earring is the pin setting. This setting also allows light to pass through the emerald to show the shine and sparkle of the stone. Pin tuning is also considered the easiest and cheapest method of tuning.

What is the best emerald earring to buy?

Top emerald earrings

Amazon Collection Genuine Sterling Silver Cushion Cut Checkerboard Earrings

What would you like to know: A fantastic price for a 1.5 carat, genuine emerald sterling silver hoop earring versatile enough to wear every day.

What you will love: Classic studs can be worn with a variety of outfits.

What you should consider: The size of 6mm is small; consider sizing up to 8mm.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Top emerald earrings for silver

Brasilica by EFFY Emerald and Diamond in 14k Gold or 14k White Gold

Brasilica by EFFY Emerald and Diamond in 14k Gold or 14k White Gold

What would you like to know: The 1 carat emerald surrounded by diamonds is an eye-catcher and can be worn for any occasion.

What you will love: A matching necklace and ring complete the classic look.

What you should consider: Dear; consider waiting for a sale.

Or buy: Sold by Macy’s

To be checked

Rough Emerald Gemstone Dangle Earrings

Rough Emerald Gemstone Dangle Earrings

What would you like to know: Comfortable and lightweight earrings made by hand with raw emeralds.

What you will love: Can be personalized with a card and a matching necklace.

What you should consider: Filled with gold. The backing is not good for people sensitive to metals.

Or buy: Sold by Etsy

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