The Best Men’s Earrings, From Studs to Dangly Boiz

After decades of rocking male celebrities hoops, studs, pendulumsand diamonds, there’s nothing shocking in the 2020s about a man with pierced ears. I hope it’s not news that earrings have no gender—no clothes really do, anyway. After all, if everyone from Harrison Ford for A$AP Rocky for Harry Styles for Michael Jordan can rock earrings, why can’t you? The more people who flout binary conventions, the more fun we can have dressing up. If you’re here to be convinced that earrings aren’t just for women, but also for men, then I’m so sorry, you’re way behind, dude.

An earring can be bold or subtle, as the club demands a different look from Sunday dinner with Gran-Gran. Earrings can make your look harder or softer; more ornate or less harsh; more sensual and sexier, or more playful. The possibilities are literally endless. If you already have tattoos, you have every excuse to take the plunge; Piercings are a quick and (relatively) painless way to customize your Meatsuit, especially when you’re into body mods. And on the plus side, piercings are super flexible and can always be removed if you get bored.

Whether you’ve got a single piercing, a pair, or are looking for something needle-free, we’ve put together this guide featuring our favorite jewelry brands to help you navigate your newfound abundance of adornment options. Good accessorizing, handsome man, you.

The Best Everyday Hoop Earrings for Men

For starters, we love this simple or classic pair in sterling silver (which is hypoallergenic), which you can pick up for just $20.

ASOS design

Sterling silver hoop earrings with eroded pattern

And if you’re looking for finer metals, try these Mejuri hoops in white or yellow gold, to wear all day, every day.


Small Hoop Earrings in 14K White Gold


Unique mini hoop in 14 carat gold

The Best Diamond Base Nails

There’s a reason diamond studs are a classic: they really go with it. all. You just have to find some that are not only insanely brilliant, but sustainably and ethically sourced – and this pair of TRUE covers the basics (plus you can choose the shape and carat size).


1/4 Carat Emerald Cut Solitaire Stud Earrings

A subtle sparkling…

Less is more when you pair your diamond stud with a raw, punk-inspired setting in black gold or a “Teeny Diamond Stud” of stone and strand.

Delfina Delettrez

Two-in-one pierced diamond earring in 18k black gold

stone and strand

Teeny Diamond Stud (Pair)

…or something brilliantly unsubtle.

This pair of matching diamonds is a full carat (or more, depending on your budget) of a glorious, shimmering large rock. They’re also lab-grown, which means there’s no blood on them, just guilt-free luxury.

shiny earth

Diamond stud earrings created in a certified laboratory (1 ct.)

Light and soft

I can’t quite put my finger on why this earring says “I’m a good listener”, but there’s definitely something disarming about it. You can also remove the balloon and wear it plain.

mocking cat

Ball on a metal hoop (single)

A dangling earring for everyone

Is it a cross? A star? It is open to interpretation; the main thing this affordable drop earring from ASOS conveys is that you’re cool as a cucumber.

ASOS design

Sterling Silver Drop Cross Mini Hoops

Join the channel

With this pair of earrings, all kinds of people will have an excuse to come and ask you “what’s on your earring?”


Trisha metal chain dangle earrings

A shock for the wardrobe

Wear one or both for an electrifying effect.

Mark Icon

Stainless steel lightning bolt hoop earrings

A big hug

In fact, a pair of them, with just the right weight to grab a cutie’s attention.

Please repeat

Angled Huggie Hoop

A Studs nail for a nail… has it all: light bolts, stars, smiley faces, horses, mushrooms, peace signs, aliens, bubble letters, and an assortment of fridge magnet poetic words, to get you started. We love this overly literal pair, but you can get them all at this affordable price.

If he can do it, so can you

This one is inspired by Harry Styles, who reportedly pierced his ear to wear a similar one to the Met Gala.

mocking cat

Pearl and white diamond creole (single)

Fall for the needles?

If you’re more nervous about backstabbing than flouting gender roles, an ear cuff is just what you need. This one, smooth and silvery, goes with everything.

A ring of timelessness

The coolest part about this gold ear cuff is its vintage yet futuristic look.

Tom Wood

Gold plated ear cuff

Lock in the freshness…

This silver padlock is at the same time sober, punk and absurd.


Small padlock earring

… or try it

There are so much dagger earrings out there, it’s hard to find the best one. It’s the details, like the sculptural handles and the single pearl, that set this Pamela Love pair apart.

Pamela Love

dagger earrings

There you have it: 18 ways to spice up your look. Soon you will only hear good things.