the story of Liz’s favorite necklace

ByThomas J. Pawlak

Sep 8, 2022

Thus, the collar is a symbol of Truss’ political rise. And there are also subconscious reasons why Truss might love this necklace so much. The circles symbolize eternity, fullness and perfection. An endless hoop is used to signify uninterrupted love and commitment, whether on a wedding band or as part of a necklace. At a subconscious level, humans are drawn to the geometry of a perfect circle; it is a universal symbol that spans cultures and centuries, representing everything from the perpetuity of time to the potential of the number zero. “[The circle] has magical value as a protective agent and indicates the end of the process of individuation, of striving towards psychic fullness and self-realization,” writes Nadia Julien in The Mammoth Dictionary of Symbols.

Perhaps Truss is striving for psychic wholeness. Or maybe the Circle of Truss has become like a second skin, an obvious accessory she uses every morning. Like most jewelry, there is probably an element of sentimentality – indeed one hopes so, given the giver. But it’s clear she’s found the one that works and she’s sticking with it. A go-with-everything accessory that serves as a wearable reminder of your career highs so far – isn’t that what every woman wants in her jewelry box?