This Valentine’s Day, give your honey the earrings, pendants, and other jewelry she wants.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, unless it’s 1am and I’m out, in which case a slice of pepperoni is a girl’s best friend. But why choose? Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and there’s no better gift for your number one dining partner than a gourmet piece of jewelry. A well-chosen pair of earrings or a pendant necklace is an opportunity to say to your sweetie, “I know you like beets. I see you.” To help you on your quest for the perfect token, we’ve rounded up BA employees’ favorite necklaces, bracelets and earrings, all shaped like the foods we love the most.

These days I have been manifesting something—whatever— to come and spice up my life. So when I noticed these dainty chilli glass dangle earrings while shopping for a friend’s baby on Maisonette, I just had to add them to my cart. They’re a subtle nod to my love of cooking but cute and abstract enough not to make it a thing. (“Red pepper earrings are not a personality, Ali.”) I can’t wait to… wear them to the grocery store? Laundry? While I’m gorging on mid-’90s rom-coms from my couch? Hey, it’s the little things. —Ali Francis, Associate Editor

OIYA Chili Pepper Earrings

Catbird’s products include a mix of beautiful jewelry from the brand’s Brooklyn-based design studio and extraordinary pieces from the industry’s most talented independent designers. I never pass up an opportunity to ooh and ahh over the delicate gold chains, tiny diamonds and expert craftsmanship they are known for, so I just couldn’t contain myself when I stumbled upon their Holy charm Cannoli. Crafted from recycled 14k gold, this little treat is flanked by two of the smallest pearls I’ve ever seen. Swoon. Wearing my heart on my sleeve might be cliché, but wearing a cannoli on it? Baby, it’s love! —Jenna Adrian-Diaz, Assistant Editor

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For me, colorful and playful jewelry is not only iconic for any age or gender, but also versatile for any occasion. Éliou’s handmade Mushroom necklace is my go-to for gifts (self-gifts included). Who knew the combination of freshwater pearls and colored glass beads could make mushrooms feel like candy on your neck? Layer it with other pieces or let it shine on its own against a white t-shirt – there’s no wrong way to work these mushrooms. —Caroline Newton, Design Director

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Eliou Mushroom Necklace

Hi world? Yes hello. It’s me. I’m here to tell you that I’ve never wanted anything more than these Andy Warhol acrylic and sterling silver banana clip earrings. I know I said it last time, about the other thing, but this time I mean it. These are the most dramatic food earrings I’ve ever seen, designed after the fruit I have the deepest love-hate relationship with, making them emotionally meaningful, like hanging poetry in my ears. They’re $595, so I don’t think my husband is going to buy them for me this Valentine’s Day. But if you do, I am yours. Always. Or at least until I lost one. Thank you. I love you? DM for mailing address. —Hilary Cadigan, cultural editor

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Whoever set the precedent by giving chocolate to loved ones on Valentine’s Day may have never tried pizza. Nothing says romance like sharing a pie with someone you love the most. Enter these pizza hoops and pendant from Kate Spade, which replaced my favorite grease-laden roni cups with bejeweled red hearts and cheese with cubic zirconia. The perfect gift to give someone a…pizza sweetheart. —Kate Kassin, Editorial Operations Associate

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I can’t imagine anything more fabulously camping than showing up to a chic cocktail party with these sparkling shrimp cocktail earrings from Susan Alexandra. Who else but New York’s queen of beaded accessories could make shellfish so elegant? Just make sure no one tries to nibble on your ear (unless, of course, you like it). —Chala Tyson Tshitundu, Deputy Editor

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If you’re married to a gay guy like me, you know the only thing queers love more than iced coffee is Versace. This gold-tone brass pendant (chain not included) is embellished with crystals, Versace’s signature Greca borders and the face of my second favorite Gorgon, Medusa. If you really want to impress, pair the charm with the oversized version – this $1100, crystal-studded travel mug with reusable straw. ” It’s too much ? ” you think. In Quavo’s timeless words, “Versace Versace Versace Versace.” —MacKenzie Chung Fegan, Trade Editor

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Versace Iced Coffee Mug Charm

Beetroot is a vegetable born to be made into earrings: its dark red color is to die for and the leaves and stems allow it to hang quite nicely – no! dramatically – from your earlobes. I’m also here for more representation of root vegetables in jewelry. Why should strawberries get all the attention? —Esra Erol, Senior Social Media Manager

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Every few months, I suddenly remember the loss I felt when I neglected to buy KFC’s 2017 limited edition raglan sweatshirt emblazoned with the phrase “Fried Chicken USA.” In times like these, I’ll scour the nooks and crannies of the internet hoping to find someone willing to sell theirs for a reasonable price. No luck yet. This “Finger Lickin’ Good” necklace was part of the same release, and while it doesn’t have the same vintage appeal, it’s just tacky enough that I love it almost as much. —Joe Sevier, Food and SEO Editor

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KFC Finger Licking Good Necklace

At the top of the list of “things I want but don’t need and can’t afford” is this lovely and delicate charm embossed with a perfect little dollop of whipped cream set in diamonds. It is sold as part of the Brooklyn-based Mociun’s Fine Foods jewelry line, which also includes a decadent deviled egg with a swirl of yellow gold and yellow diamonds, a cereal scoop with a rainbow of precious “cereal” stones, and the most elegant slices. fruit charms. While you might say there’s a time and a place for a life-size shrimp cocktail or some pop art banana earrings, this delicate waffle works as an everyday staple, with just enough flavor. radiance to go smoothly from day to night. It’s the perfect gift for the food obsessive who loves decadence and breakfast, already owns a fancy coffee setup and designer gravy boat, and still has some disposable income to burn. It may not be in my budget, but it certainly lives rent-free in my mind. —Sonia Chopra, editor-in-chief

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Whipped Cream Waffle Charm

Garlic girls have fun, but first and foremost I’m a mushroom girl. Made of iridescent acrylic that looks clear from some angles and reflects colored light from others, these enoki mushroom earrings from Gourd Friend are the perfect tribute to my favorite food. Forget diamonds, I want shiny mushrooms. —Bettina Makalintal, Associate Editor

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