Why luxury earrings are the new costume of power

ByThomas J. Pawlak

Aug 27, 2021


Deutsch says men don’t show a comparable interest in jewelry, but there has been an increased demand for signet rings.

Anna Hacker: “I like nice clothes, but with just my face on the camera, I needed something different.

Anna Hacker, lawyer and national estate planning manager at Australian Unity Trustees, says her earring collection has grown from a handful to dozens over the past 18 months.

“I like nice clothes, but with just my face on the camera, I needed something different. There is so much personality in earrings, ”says Hacker. “Putting on a new pair for Zoom meetings every day is like wearing a new outfit.”

Hacker says the choice often reflects who she meets, with her original diamond or pearl studs for senior management and a new line of colorful animal, lightning, or wacky pattern earrings for the audience. and presentations.

Entrepreneurs such as Bernadette Jorgensen, owner and creator of Bee + Bee Twomey, say her earring wholesale business has been saved by an increase in women buying online for themselves or for friends .

“My theory is that they are worn by women at Zoom meetings because it’s a great way to mix up your look without having to spend too much time on your hair,” Jorgensen, who earns around $ 50. $ the pair.

Michelle Luna, a retired teacher who runs Mecino, an online earring business selling her designs for around $ 20 to $ 30, also said demand has grown as more teachers , business leaders and mothers were stranded.

“I earn enough income to be able to stay at home with my school-aged son and daughter,” Luna says.

Peter Leimonitis, Managing Director of Latitude Financial, adds: “We hear from our jewelry partners that consumers are investing in themselves and, given that you usually show your head and shoulders on Zoom calls, there has been a real surge in demand for jewelry like earrings, watches and necklaces.

The earrings have another advantage. They will continue to adapt no matter how much time you spend lounging on sofas, eating or drinking during the dreary days of lockdown.


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