Why Robyn’s Infinity Necklace Is Being Hunted By Fans

ByThomas J. Pawlak

Aug 21, 2022

Sister Wives viewers are mocking Robyn’s infinity necklace after watching the show’s new trailer, suggesting she had an ulterior motive while wearing it.

Robyn Brown from sister wives is followed by eagle-eyed viewers who suggested her infinity necklace might be a subtle dig at the rest of Kody Brown’s wives. Thanks to her ability to cry at the right time, Robyn has never been a fan favorite. However, viewers can’t wait to see how she reacts to the drama in the new season.

For nearly a decade, many who watch the show have felt that Robyn has often played the role of victim within the family. Quickly dubbed “Sobbin Robyn” by viewers, she was blamed for causing the bulk of the family turmoil. Kody rejected his first three wives to spend more time with Robyn. Viewers feel that their polygamous lifestyle is falling apart and the duo should just live a monogamous life. Robyn is often the butt of jokes and the butt of criticism which left her feeling very vulnerable in the upcoming season.


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sister wives viewers wasted no time dissecting the Season 17 trailer. It wasn’t long before some subscribers found a problem with Robyn’s infinity necklace. User spooky_sooki took to Reddit to share a sneak peek noting that Robyn was doing a bit of trolling while wearing a meaningful necklace. The fan said the necklace has the added effect of reminding wives how their retirement money was wasted on your stupid failure of a jewelry business.

The channel was noticed as the whole family gathered to talk about Christine Brown’s departure from the group. It was clear to viewers that Robyn was doing a subtle dig at the rest of the family, showing her loyalty to Kody. An infinity necklace symbolizes eternity and undying love, which Robyn and Kody often show to each other through their actions towards other family members. Naturally, Christine’s decision to divorce Kody shook the whole family, with Robyn trying to convince everyone to stay.

The new season of sister wives will premiere in September and viewers are waiting to see how the divorce drama unfolds. Currently, Robyn is Kody’s only legal wife. They have spent the past two and a half years together due to Kody’s strict rules regarding COVID-19. The couple were even recently spotted in a bar in Arizona, looking extremely content with their lives. There’s no doubt that viewers will witness more questionable behavior from Robyn throughout the new season, leaving them wondering if one of Kody’s remaining wives will ever call him.

sister wives Season 17 premieres Sunday, September 11 at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

Source: spooky_sooki/reddit