Winona Ryder investigated by police as she ‘loses’ £ 80,000 borrowed diamond bracelet

ByThomas J. Pawlak

Nov 28, 2008

Winona Ryder investigated by police as she ‘loses’ £ 80,000 borrowed diamond bracelet

Winona Ryder has been accused of losing £ 81,000 of diamonds loaned to her for a fashion awards ceremony.

The actress, who was convicted of shoplifting in 2001, was given a diamond-encrusted bracelet and ring to wear at a Marie Claire magazine party.

Miss Ryder reported the missing items after she allegedly handed them over to staff at her Madrid hotel to keep them safe.

Accused: Winona Ryder allegedly “stole” $ 125,000 in Bulgari diamond jewelry, including bracelet on her left wrist

“I’m innocent”: these are the beautiful diamonds Ryder says he gave to hotel staff to keep them safe

But according to French magazine Here, hotel management insists they have no surveillance footage showing her putting the jewelry back on. The executives of Bulgari, owner of the diamonds, apparently called in the police.

For her misdemeanor seven years ago, Miss Ryder was sentenced to three years probation and 480 hours of community service.

The star of films such as Edward Scissorhands and Little Women has also been ordered to take advice.

Miss Ryder appeared healthy at last week’s event in Madrid – a stark contrast to the frail figure who arrived at Heathrow just a day earlier.

Miss Ryder, 37, has collapsed twice on her flight to London, where she is expected to start filming for her role in the new Star Trek movie.

It is believed that she overdosed on tranquilizers on the long-haul flight.

A Bulgari spokesperson declined to comment on the story last night and Miss Ryder’s spokesperson was unavailable.

Winona ryder

Health image: Winona Ryder shone at the awards ceremony – but days later she is embroiled in yet another controversy over the theft

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